Property Photos

A picture really is worth a thousand words. Make sure your photos convey the space and features well and show your holiday property in its best possible light. Dark, poorly focused images quickly taken with your phone will not sell the property’s atmospheric interior design or comfortable living areas, and your cabin may not get the attention it deserves. Good marketing pictures attract the customer, help them get to know your cottage and instil confidence that the property is well taken care of.

When composing your marketing photos always ensure you have the correct amount of exposure, sharp focus and beautiful, natural colour. You should always take pictures with a high-quality DSLR camera rather than a phone, because a DSLR camera will offer better image quality, greater control over exposure and focus, plus the option to use different lenses. We recommend using a wide-angle lens, which usually allows you to capture the entire room in a single shot.

Atmospheric interior photos

Before taking any pictures, prepare the space by tidying, de-cluttering and creating atmosphere with props and lighting. Put cushions and throws on sofas and beds, set the table, put flowers in vases, fill fruit bowls and light the fire. Make sure there is enough light in each room, using additional light sources if needed. Photograph each room from various angles until you are satisfied with the shot.

Beautiful outdoor shots

You should also carefully prepare outdoor areas such as the terrace, garden and lakeshore prior to your photoshoot. Cut the grass, do the weeding and trim the bushes. Sweep the terrace and patio, hide any unsightly objects such as brooms and snow shovels from view. Clean the barbecue and outdoor furniture. Use props such as lanterns, cushions, flowers or throws wherever they can enhance the spaces.

Captivating aerial photography

We recommend taking some aerial photos with a high-quality drone. This will give your potential customers a clear idea of the cabin’s location and its surroundings. Aerial photos are especially effective if your property is in a scenic location, such as lake and forest. Showcasing the stunning landscape around your holiday home will really help with your marketing.

Order photos from a professional

If you don’t have much faith in your photography skills, or you don’t own a DSLR camera and high-quality drone, it’s usually better to hire a photographer. Hiring an experienced photographer is a relatively small investment, and having good marketing photos is essential for any successful cottage rental business. It’s likely the fee you pay the photographer will be repaid with new bookings many times over.

Ella Olivia Photography

All the pictures on this page were taken by Finland Cottage Rentals’ photography service Ella Olivia Photography. All indoor and outdoor pictures are taken with a DSLR camera and wide-angle lens, and aerial photos using a high-quality drone. We shoot mainly in the North Karelia region, but from time to time we also work with clients based in other parts of Finland.

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