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We had in Finland a memorable week! Despite the rainy and cloudy weather, we had a great pleasure. Lovely cottage. Great location between the large cities of Lahti, Tampere and jyväskylä. Fabulous scenery of nearby lakes and forests. For fishermen, mushroom pickers, and berry is simply a Paradise.We with the great pleasure would visit once again this place is great. Anyone who likes peace and quiet!

Loma-Pälsilä, Kuhmoinen, Lakeland

Sergey, Israel, August 2017

We were very pleased with Villa Eino and Staff and had a wonderful and very relaxing vacation. Also your service with a lot of useful information beforehand was perfect, thank you.

For a longer vacation the only thing missing is a laundry machine. We definitely recommend this to friends & family and look forward to book again.

Villa Eino, Nuuksio National Park, Southern Finland

Beat, Switzerland, August 2017

Vietimme oikein mukavan viikon Villa-Anne mokissa.  Mokki oli hyvin varustettu 4-5 hengen tarpeita varten.  Isantavavaki Liisa ja Kaj olivat tosi ystavallisia ja paikalla tarvittaessa, neuvoen ja antaen tietoja ymparistosta yms.  Laheinen kauppa oli hyvin varustettu kaikkea jokapaivaista ruokatavaraa sai sielta kasin hyvin ja matka kauppaan pyoralla oli vain n. 10 min. joten ilman autoakin lomailu sujui mukavasti.  Vietimme aikaa sukulaisten ja ystavien kanssa, jotka tulivat vierailemaan paivaksi.  Grillaaminen ja saunominen olivat tosi hauskoja tapoja viettaa yhteista aikaa, rauhallisessa ja kauniissa ymparistossa. Mokin sijainti, Lahden ja Helsingin valilla oli tosi hyvassa paikassa meille.  Lahdesta n. tunnin matka ja samoin Helsingistakin melkein tunnin. Suosittelen mokkia mielellani ystavilleni, seka haluaisin tulla itse uudelleen. Mokkivuokraamon kautta vuokraaminen on sujunut vaivattomasti joten kiitos myos siita!

Villa Anne, Lapinjärvi, Southern Finland

Helja, UK, August 2017

We had a great time at Loma-Pälsilä, we hoped for a relaxing week just swimming, cycling, rowing on the lake and enjoying the sauna and we certainly found it. Plenty of logs meant we could cook pancakes outdoors. The hosts were very helpful and we had an extra bonus in that their daughter Hanna gave us a crash course in edible fungi recognition. We travelled in Finland using public transport, with a taxi from/to Kuhmoinen, and used the bikes from the cottage to cycle into the village to do our shopping. It was a great way to see Finland and the people are so friendly and helpful. Totally recommend it!

Loma-Pälsilä, Kuhmoinen, Lakeland

Tim, UK, August 2017

We had a wonderful time staying at the cottage. It was comfortable and fully equipped. We immensely enjoyed the picturesque surroundings and their silent wilderness. We most certainly would advise anybody to visit Hepolehto.

Thank you for making our holiday so great.

Hepolehto, Hankasalmi, Lakeland

Sergejs, Latvia, August 2017

Is a beautiful place. We liked it very much. The wood work is very impressing, congratulation for this skills. We liked Fishing, Rowing the boot and the lovely Sauna. The owners where very friendly and always ready for help if needed. Thank you very much, wee would be happy to go back to this place.

Tulikallio, Suonenjoki, Lakeland

Joerg, Switzerland, August 2017

There has hardly been any place before I have been to that was so lovely, and I am 54.

Kuikankoto, Pertunmaa, Lakeland

Werner, Germany, August 2017

We are all back home. We had a wonderful holiday in Säkinmäki. The cottages you offered us were much to our liking. We will certainly return next year or within two years.

Hevonkuusi, Hankasalmi, Lakeland

Edeltraud, Germany, July 2017