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We had a great holiday in Pyhä. The cottage fulfilled our expectation, great location, proximity with the slopes, very quiet but near from everything we needed. Your service and your advice have contributed to the success of our journey. We’ll certainly come back within a few years and we’ll recommend your service to our friends.

Keropiekana, Pyhä, Lapland

Vincent, Switzerland

Hei ja kiitoksia. Nautimme meidän viikonlopustamme todella paljon ja mökki oli mitä parhain. Muutamasta asiasta koen kuitenkin tarvetta mainita. Kun saavuimme perjantaina huomasimme että osassa pedeissä oli jo valmiina kaikki peti- sekä liinavaatteet vaikka emme olletkaan niitä tilanneet. Sunnuntaina huomasimme kun teimme loppusiivousta että imuri ei toiminut. Se kyllä surisi ja hurisi mutta mitään ilmaa se ei sisällensä vetänyt joten imuroiminen jäi meiltä suorittamatta. Toivottavasti mökki jäi kuitenkin erinomaiseen kuntoon.

Levinhuippu cabin, Levi, Lapland

Aapo, Finland

We had an Amazing trip!! Although our time was short, it was time well spent together, it was just what we needed. The cottage rental was superb!! Elina was very nice and we had no problems understanding her. The location was great as It was quiet, peaceful and had a beautiful view. We wish we could have stayed longer.  Please let Matti and Elina know that we appreciate that we were able to adjust our minimum stay there, it really meant a lot to both of us that they were willing to do that.  Who knows, maybe we will return one day!

Helsinki is a very beautiful city, even though it was cold, lol!! We were able to get around town and see much of the city, to include the Christmas Markets of course, and submerse ourselves in the culture.

Pinea, Forssa, Western Finland

John, United Arab Emirates

We loved our stay at Keropiekana, it had everything we needed to make our stay comfortable and enjoyable. The cabin was very clean, well stocked and well looked after. It was in beautiful surroundings and a perfect position for skiing and eating but still peaceful and quiet.

Your service was uncomplicated and went very smoothly and we definitely book with you again. We would certainly recommend you to others.

Keropiekana, Pyhä, Lapland

Laura, UK

Thanks a lot for great holidays! We enjoyed your place again and look forward to come again! The fishing was great.

Lakeside Beaver, Kesälahti, Lakeland

Marina, Russia

We very much enjoyed our stay at the cottage. The owners were kind and tried their best to make our stay as nice as possible. However, the cottage itself is unfortunately not in a perfect condition. There were many things broken around the house (windows not closing properly, door locks not working properly, the upstairs toilet was broken…) so it would need some fixing.

Customer Service by Finland Cottage Rentals was perfect and we always good replies to requests immediately to our fullest satisfaction. Thanks a lot for that!

Kuhmanne cottage, Suonenjoki, Lakeland

Jonas, Finland

Levinhuippu cottage was phenomenal! We each had plenty of room and the kitchen was very well equipped and the supermarket was only a few minutes walk away, so that we were able to eat most of our meals in the cottage. This was very handy, as the cottages proximity to the gondola and fell meant we could be outside and active without going through town at all. If we did want to go into town, the walk was very doable, or we could take the bus. However, we enjoyed being in the Kouta neighborhood because it was so very peaceful. Having a sauna and the handy dry room downstairs for when we came home from the snow was a great plus! To top it off: the cabin was magnificent. Our group included eight thirty-somethings, two 60 year-olds and my 82 year-old grandmother. Everyone was impressed with Levinhuippu! Thanks again so much for your help and service on this trip. We hope to make a trip up to Levi next year as well and will be sure to check your site!

Levinhuippu cabin, Levi, Lapland

Julius, Germany

Tässä palautteemme Aurora Cabinista. Mökki on hyvällä paikalla, ihanassa maisemassa, päätyhuoneistona rauhallinen. Varustus hyvä, kahdelle henkilölle riittävä mm. astiat, mutta jos asukkaita enemmän kuin neljä, astioita vähän. Veitsenterotinta kaipasimme, tylsät veitset! Mökissä ei oltu asuttu ilmeisesti pitkään aikaan, joten isompi makuuhuone piti imuroida ennen käyttöönottoa. Lattialla seinänvierustoilla oli kuolleita hyönteisiä tms. roskaa.

Mökkivuokraamon palvelut hyvät, en osaa sanoa, mitä voisitte parantaa. Suosittelen ja käytän tulevaisuudessa varmaan itsekin uudelleen!

Aurora cabin, Ylläs, Lapland

Pirjo, Finland