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Mehän olemme todella tyytyväisiä teiltä saamaamme palveluun ja olemme varaamassa Maja Auroraa ensi kesällekin kunhan saamme lomamme selville 🙂 Kaikki sujui todella hyvin viimeksikin kuten että kun kysyitte puolestamme kumiveneen pidosta rannassa omistajilta ja lisävuorokausien ottamisesta jo ollessamme siellä. Olemme erittäin tyytyväisiä!

Maja Aurora cottage, Kilpisjärvi, Lapland

Katja, Finland

I had a great time in Pulju. The cabin was nice and cozy and the host was friendly

Hilla cabin, Pulju, Lapland

Patrick, Switzerland

The holiday was excellent.  Upon arrival we got plenty of snow and where able to do some skiing, unfortunately the weather heated up later that week but we still where able to enjoy the snow for some time.

The cabin was great and Erkki was a good host.  The cabin was as advertised, there was plenty of firewood, sleds where provided on request and we where even able to rent some ski’s at very affordable prices.  It was a very pleasant stay and we are considering to return next year at the same place but probably in February to increase our chances of snow.

Tavintupa cabin, Pertunmaa, Lakeland

Bryan, Belgium

We are very satisfied with our holiday. We recommend this kind of rest to all our friends.

Kivenkainalo cottage, Suonenjoki, Lakeland

Tatiana, Russia

We had the most wonderful time! We were so lucky to choose this cottage!! We could not believe how pretty the cottage and its surroundings were! It was the most beautiful and secluded setting we had ever seen! We spent our week hanging out at the jetty to which we tied an inflatable pool float that the girls played with for hours on end and we pottered about in the knee-deep water. We enjoyed a BBQ every night and had our dinners and lunches out on the beautiful wooden deck complete with a gigantic picnic table. We went out on the lake with the rowing boat to fish although we did not catch a single one and we tried finding the little beach that other reviews mentioned but that we never found. There is no need to buy any bottled water because the tap water tastes delicious. What you will need plenty of though is mosquito repellent and if you are traveling with kids I suggest you bring some water toys to keep everyone entertained. A holiday to remember and that we would recommend to anyone! A big thanks to Matthew from Finland Cottage Rentals as well for answering all my queries beforehand!

Isotupa cottage, Joutsa, Lakeland

Alice, Spain

It was great!  Thank you.

Loma-Pälsilä cottage, Kuhmoinen, Southern Finland

Evgeniia, Finland

Mökki varusteineen oli kaikin puolin odotusten mukainen ja toimiva kokonaisuus, ei mitään pahoja yllätyksiä niin kuin joskus sattuu. Arvosana asteikolla 1-10 olisi 8+. Hintaa ehkä voisi tiputtaa syksyn lähetessä, niin asiakasvirtaa riittäisi pitempään. Meillä oli mökki maksetulla loppusiivouksella, joka on helppo ja käytännöllinen juttu. Hiukan kuitenkin on aina ristiriidassa asiakkaan itsetekemän loppusiivouksen pilkuntarkat ohjeet versus siisteys mökkiin saapuessa, enkä nyt tarkoita pelkästään tätä kohdetta, vaan ilmiö on yleinen. Viihdyimme kuitenkin hyvin!

Tavintupa cottage, Pertunmaa, Lakeland

Markku and Marja, Finland

I can’t praise the cottage we rented through your website enough. It was absolutely super! The cabin owner was extremely kind and helpful. The cottage had everything we needed and we particularly enjoyed using the sauna. We also had excellent weather and were able to swim in the lake (on our doorstep), go rowing and pick berries. It was a great success and many thanks to you for providing such an efficient service.

Vedensyli cottage, Suonenjoki, Lakeland

Robert, UK