Our rental guide to cottages in Finland

Lakeside cabin in Koli

What is included in the rental price?

Our rental prices include self-catering accommodation at your chosen cottage. The cottages are fully furnished and have dishes and cutlery, pillows, mattresses and blankets. Water, electricity and logs for the fireplace and sauna are also included.

The rental prices do not include meals, flights, transfers or any extra services that are listed in the individual cottage details as available for an additional charge. You will need to bring your own hand soap, shampoo, shower gel and toilet paper, washing-up liquid, dishwasher tablets and washing powder, although small starter supplies may be provided.

Cross-country ski tracks on frozen lake

Are bed linen and towels provided?

Bed linen and towels are complimentary is some of the cottages, but not in all, so please check the individual cottage details carefully.

If the bed linen and towels are not provided, you may either bring your own or you can order the bed linen and towels from the cottage owners for an additional charge.

Please note that bedding in Finnish holiday cottages is usually provided as singles, even for double beds.

Cabin in Yllas

Is the cleaning service complimentary?

Departure cleaning service is not always complimentary, so again please check the individual cottage details carefully. If the departure cleaning service is not complimentary, you may order the cleaning to be done on your behalf for an additional charge.

If you prefer to do the cleaning yourselves, you must allow several hours for the cleaning to be done to the high standard required. We strongly recommend that you order the cleaning service.

Cleaning equipment and materials are available at the cottage.

Frozen lake in Joensuu, Lakeland

Are all the cottages fully heated?

All our cottages have modern amenities and have full electric heating and lighting, hot and cold water from tap and a flushing toilet.

Most cottages have triple glazing in all windows and many also have a fireplace for extra warmth and cosiness.

Your own sauna is also usually provided. Perfect particularly on cold winter days!



Can I bring my pet?

You can bring your pet to some of our cottages, if your pet is well behaved and fully house-trained. Please check the Pets symbol for whether pets are allowed in your preferred cottage. If there is an extra charge for bringing your pet, this will be clearly stated in the cottage details.

If you will bring a pet with you, it is important that you ensure that the pet does not cause any damage in the cottage and that all pet waste is adequately removed from the cottage grounds.

Please mention any pets in your party at the time of your booking.

Child playing on a pier

Are all your cottages suitable for small children?

All our cottage owner partners are happy to accommodate families with small children. Many cottages have a child safety gate, cot, high chair and toys or games for children. Please check the cottage details.

When you first arrive in a cottage with small children, please immediately note any potential dangers for curious feet and fingers and act accordingly. If the cottage is located by water, stay extra vigilant and never let small children to the shore without adult supervision.


Pier by a lakeside cottage

Are short breaks possible?

All our cottages are available for weekly rentals, but most also cater for short breaks, particularly outside peak seasons.

Peak seasons include Christmas and New Year, ski season from mid-February to mid-April in Lapland and summer season from mid-June to mid-August in other regions. Short breaks are most often possible outside these periods, but in some cottages short breaks are available year round.

Short break prices (where applicable) are in our online booking system or they are available from us by request.

Villa Raita cottage in Lakeland

What time can I get the cottage keys?

The check-in time is in the afternoon, normally around 16.00 (4pm). The check-out time is usually around mid-day. You will find the exact timings in your booking confirmation.

If you need an earlier check-in or a later check-out, this may be possible by prior agreement with the cottage owner. Such requests are unfortunately often not possible during the high season, Christmas and New Year, when cottages are continuously booked and a thorough clean must be carried out between guests.



How do I get the cottage keys?

You will usually get the keys from the cottage owner, who will meet you on your arrival. In Lapland however, keys are usually collected from the local cabin caretaker’s office.

Please advise us or the cottage owner/caretaker directly about your estimated arrival time at least 2 days before your rental period begins.

If you know that you will arrive late in the evening or during the night, you must advise us or the cottage owner/caretaker about this as early as possible, as late key collection may differ from the normal procedure.

View from top of Koli Hill

Will I get mobile phone reception / Wi-Fi?

Mobile phone reception is available throughout Finland, so you are likely to find reception even in remote spots.

Wi-fi internet access is available in many cottages, but not all, so please check the cottage details carefully, if Wi-fi is important for you.

The Wi-fi is usually complimentary, but in a few cottages there is an extra charge for it and this will be stated in the cottage details.


Driving in Paalasmaa, Lakeland

Do I need to hire a car?

Most of our lakeside and seaside cottages are located in secluded, naturally beautiful settings, where public transport is infrequent or non-existent. A car is therefore often essential or at least highly recommended.

In Lapland, if you will be staying in Levi, Ylläs, Ruka or Saariselkä, a car is not essential, as airport transfers are available by bus or taxi. Once at the resort, you can move around by foot or ski bus.

If you will be staying in Pyhä, Kuusamo, Syöte or one of the remote locations outside resorts, a hire car is essential or highly recommended.

Picking blueberries

Am I allowed to pick berries and mushrooms?

In Finland, everyone has the right to freely roam the forests, countryside, lakes and rivers by foot, skis, boat or bicycle. Everyone can also pick as many wild berries and mushrooms as they like. This concept is called ‘Everyman’s Rights’.

There are a few rules though which you must bear in mind. Don’t harm plants, animals or property, don’t leave litter, don’t pick someone’s own fruits, berries or vegetables without permission, don’t camp too near to anyone’s house, don’t make too much noise and don’t disturb anyone’s privacy.


Fishing in Ahveninen, Lakeland

Do I need a fishing licence?

Thousands of lakes and sea shores in Finland attract many visitors to try their luck with fishing. If you are between 18 and 64 years old and plan to fish in Finland with anything other than a hook and line, you must pay the national fisheries management fee.

Information about the fishing management fee in English can be found at, where you can also pay for the fee.