Cottage Rental Guide

Important information about renting a cottage and answers to frequently asked questions
Luistokas cottage in Jämijärvi, Western Finland

What the rental price includes

The rental price includes use of the cottage or holiday apartment for the booked rental period. All properties have furniture, pillows, blankets, mattresses, basic utensils and cutlery for dining and cooking. Water, electricity and firewood are included in the rental price, unless otherwise stated. At lakeside cottages, the rental price usually also includes the free use of a rowing boat, the cottage grounds, pier and barbecue area for the duration of the rental period.

The rental price does not include any additional services (equipment rental, bed linen and towels, final cleaning), which are listed separately in the property description.

Aurora cabin in Ylläs, Lapland

Hire bed linen and towels from the cottage owner or bring your own

Please note that bed linen and towels are not usually included in the rental price. In most properties, bed linen and towels can however be hired from the cottage owner or caretaker for an additional charge at the time of your booking. It is also possible in most properties to bring your own bed linen and towels with you, but if you are coming from abroad, this is not recommended, as bed linen and towels soon fill your luggage and add significantly to their weight.

Please note that bed linen are always required and it is not allowed to sleep on any beds in rental cottages without them. You will need to have a bed sheet, duvet cover, pillowcase and towels for each member of your party.

Västantill cottage in Turku Archipelago, Southern Finland

Do the departure cleaning yourselves or order it from the cottage owner

In most cottages, guests have the option to do the departure cleaning themselves, or the cleaning service can be ordered for an additional cost when booking the cottage. In a few cottages, the departure cleaning is always taken care of by the cottage owner or caretaker (there is either a mandatory additional charge, or the cleaning service is complimentary), and this will be mentioned in the property description.

If you have ordered the departure cleaning to be done on your behalf or the departure cleaning service is included in your rental price, you can continue to enjoy a relaxing holiday until the check-out time, but please note that some light cleaning and tidying up is still required before leaving. You must wash the dishes, take your rubbish to the waste point, neatly collect your bottles and cans together in one place, return the furniture to its original places, empty the fridge and stack the bed linen in one pile on the floor.

Levinpesä cabin in Levi, Lapland

Doing the departure cleaning service yourselves

If you want to do the departure cleaning yourselves, it is a good idea to set aside at least 2-3 hours for the cleaning work, as it must be done thoroughly, following the cleaning instructions provided by the cottage owner. As a minimum, departure cleaning includes vacuuming, dusting, floor cleaning, dusting, airing the bedding outside, washing dishes and putting them away, washing toilets, washrooms and saunas, taking rubbish to the waste point, taking bottles and cans to the nearest recycling point and cleaning the oven, the fridge and the fireplace, as well as tidying up the barbecue and other areas outdoors. The necessary cleaning supplies and detergents are available at the property.

Karpalo cabin in Ruka, Lapland

Precautions during the Covid-19 pandemic

Holiday properties will be cleaned more intensively during the Covid-19 pandemic. We recommend that you always order the departure cleaning service during the pandemic, as cleaning should now be done very carefully and very thoroughly.

If you get ill just before your cottage holiday and you think it’s possible you may have been infected with Covid-19, please cancel your holiday and stay at home. If you get ill during your cottage holiday, please kindly inform the cottage owner or the caretaker accordingly.  You should also contact the local health centre or the local Covid-19 helpline for more information. In case of emergency, call the emergency number 112. You can find the address and map coordinates of the cottage in your own booking confirmation, in the cottage folder or in the information displayed on the cottage wall.

Pihamökki cabin in Outokumpu, Lakeland

What to bring with you to the cottage

The items and equipment provided at the cottage will vary from place to place, but you should at least bring your own personal hygiene products (hand soap, shampoo, shower gel), a small towel (or similar) to sit on in the sauna, a kitchen hand towel, toilet and kitchen paper, washing machine and dishwasher detergent and perhaps some spices that are important to you. In summer, you should also pack an insect repellent.

If you have any specific questions about items or equipment available at the cottage, it is best to contact the cottage owner or caretaker directly. The relevant contact details can be found in your booking confirmation.

Ylläshilla cabin in Ylläs, Lapland

Short breaks

Cottage rentals in Finland have in recent years become ever more flexible and weekly rentals are not required anymore as often as they were before. Most of our properties can now be booked also for short breaks, so you can easily book just for a few days or for a weekend for example. Minimum booking periods vary a lot from one property to another, but generally speaking, short breaks are possible at least outside the peak seasons. You can check the minimum booking periods for each cottage in the booking notes in the property description.

Lakeside Fox cabin in Kesälahti, Lakeland

Check-in and check-out times

At most properties, the rental period starts at 16:00 (4pm) on the day of arrival, and ends at 12:00 (mid-day) on the day of departure. You can find the exact arrival and departure times for each cottage in the booking notes in each property description and also in the arrival details in your own booking confirmation.

If you want to arrive earlier or depart later than the usual check-in/check-out times, please contact the cottage owner or caretaker directly to find out if this will be possible.

Äkäsmutka A cabin in Ylläs ski resort, Lapland

Inform the cottage owner or caretaker of your estimated arrival time

Please let the cottage owner or caretaker know your estimated arrival time, a few days before your holiday. This will ensure that you receive the cottage keys without delay upon arrival. Informing the owner or caretaker of your estimated arrival time will also help those responsible for cottage maintenance and cleaning to organize their work as efficiently as possible.

You can contact the cottage owner or caretaker either by phone, text message or email. The relevant contact details can be found in your booking confirmation.

Villa Raita cottage in Rääkkylä, Lakeland

Key collection

You will usually receive the cottage keys in person from the property owner or local cottage caretaker. At some cottages, the keys will be left for you in a locked key box, which is opened with a number code. Detailed instructions for key collection can be found in your booking confirmation.

Please note that if you plan to arrive at the property late in the evening or during the night, key collection arrangements may differ from those that apply during daytime. Always contact the cottage owner or caretaker directly prior to your holiday to agree how you will get the keys on your arrival. Please also notify the cottage owner or caretaker as soon as possible if, due to travel delays, you will arrive significantly later than agreed.

Villa Taavetti in Nuuksio, Southern Finland

Maximum number of guests

Only the specific number of guests stated in the cottage description can be accommodated, unless otherwise has been agreed at the time of booking. If, for example, a cottage is listed as able to accommodate 4 + 2 people, this means that there are four beds and two extra beds, which could be located for example on a sofa bed or up in a sleeping loft. It also means that the maximum number of guests is six people. Note that some beds are only recommended for children, so please always carefully check the property description before booking. For safety reasons, the maximum number of guests stated in the property description must not be exceeded.

Aurinko-Saaga 2 cottage in Ukkohalla

Amenities in rental cottages

All properties provided by Finland Cottage Rentals are high-quality and atmospheric cottages and holiday apartments. To ensure that guests are comfortable, we only accept properties with modern amenities such as electric heating and lighting, hot and cold running water and an indoor toilet. Most of our properties also have a sauna (some are wood-burning, some are electric), Wi-Fi internet access, TV, dishwasher, washing machine and a wood-burning fireplace, which creates extra warmth and a cosy atmosphere for your holiday.

Cat in snow

Pet friendly cottages

You may bring a house-trained and well behaved pet to any property that has the ‘Pets welcome’ symbol on the property description. Whether pets are allowed, is also stated in the booking notes under the availability calendar. If there is a surcharge for a pet, this is also mentioned in the booking notes.

You must always mention any pets at the time of your booking in the ‘Additional details’ field in the booking form. During your stay, it is important to ensure that the pet does not cause any damage to the property and that any pet mess is immediately removed from the grounds.

Child on a pier

Amenities for children / Safety with children

Small children are welcome at all of our properties and many cottages have games and toys provided, as well as a safety gate at either the top or the bottom of the stairs. Most cottages also have a cot and/or high chair available by prior request. If there is a surcharge for children’s equipment, this is stated in the additional services in the cottage description.

When you first arrive for a cottage holiday with young children, immediately check the safety of the property, taking into account the age and curiosity of your own children. Stay alert and never leave small children to play outside on the cottage grounds or the water alone without adult supervision.

Kivenkainalo cottage in Suonenjoki, Lakeland

Wi-Fi connection

Wi-Fi internet access is available at cottages which have the ‘Wi-Fi’ symbol on the property description. Wi-fi internet, when available, is also listed in the cottage amenities. Unlimited use of Wi-Fi internet access is usually included in the rental price, but in some cottages there is a small additional charge for using Wi-Fi. In this case, Wi-Fi is mentioned in the additional services of a cottage and it must be added to the cottage booking at the time of your reservation.

Cottages in Lahti

Departure day procedure

You must leave the cottage on the day of departure by the check-out time stated in your booking confirmation. Thorough cleaning must be carried out before departure, unless you have ordered the departure cleaning service for an additional fee. Light cleaning must be done also when the departure cleaning service has been ordered or the departure cleaning service is included in the rental price. When leaving, close the windows and lock the doors. Make sure you take all your belongings and food with you. Leave the keys at the property or return them to the property owner or caretaker. Detailed instructions for returning the keys can be found in your booking confirmation.

Kuhmanne cottage in Suonenjoki, Lakeland

How to deal with problem situations

If you need any help with a problem at the property during your stay, contact the cottage owner or local cottage caretaker immediately, so that the issue can be rectified as soon as possible. Contact information for the cottage owner and/or local caretaker can always be found in your booking confirmation and in the cottage folder located in the property.

If the matter is not rectified by the cottage owner or the local cottage caretaker, you can also contact our customer service by e-mail at

Rowing boat in Kesälahti, Lakeland

Fishing permits and fisheries management fee

Many of our cottages are located by a lake or sea, and most of the time there is a private rowing boat waiting for you at the shore. If you are 18-64 years old and want to fish with lure or traps during your cottage holiday, you will have to pay a fisheries management fee. No fishing permit is required for simple hook and line fishing or ice fishing. More information on the necessary fishing permits and the fisheries management fee can be found at

Picking blueberries

Berry and mushroom picking

In Finland, ‘Everyman’s Right’ allows you to hike freely on foot, on skis, by boat or by bicycle in the woods, in the countryside and by the water. In addition, the same right allows you to pick an unlimited number of berries and mushrooms growing in the forests. Blueberries, cloudberries and raspberries usually ripen in July, currants and gooseberries ripen in August and lingonberries and cranberries are ready for harvest in September.

Canoining in Kuhmanne cottage in Suonenjoki, Lakeland

Sustainable travel and responsibility

At Finland Cottage Rentals, we promote and encourage sustainable travel and we hope that our customers will do the same. Our office is powered with electricity generated by hydropower (water power). We keep in touch with our customers and partners  electronically (and we never send paper mail). We recycle where possible, and use electricity and water sparingly. We also treat our valued customers and partners equally and respectfully at all times, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity or other background.

At the rental cottage, please use water and electricity sparingly, take plastic, glass, cardboard and metal packaging to the nearest recycling point, turn off the lights when you leave the room, wander in the cottage surrounds without leaving any mess and respect the pristine nature and local wildlife. During your cottage holiday, we suggest that you sample local food, products and services, and hope you will appreciate the local customs and culture in the area you are staying.

Puolukka cabin in Ruka, Lapland

Other issues to keep in mind

The cottage or holiday apartment you book is probably the owner’s own beloved holiday spot and an expensive investment, so please act responsibly and with respect for the owner’s property and the amenities provided.

Please also note that using a washing machine and dishwasher is likely to require turning on the water supply tap (usually a small switch below the water tap) before the machine can start. Open the tap by setting it to the ON position and close the tap after use by turning it back to the OFF position.

Smoking is strictly prohibited indoors at all our cottages and apartments.

Ainola cottage in Lapinlahti, Lakeland

Fire safety in rental cottages

Having open flames from candles, lanterns, fireplace, sauna stove or a campfire creates warmth and cosy atmosphere for your cottage holiday. However, you should always be careful, act responsibly and never leave the fire unattended. Before lighting a fire in a fireplace or a wood-burning sauna stove, also be sure to open the chimney / flue damper to allow the smoke to escape. The damper should not be closed until the fire is completely extinguished and the ash has cooled down.

Check the fire exits on arrival, do not allow children to play with fire, always extinguish candles before leaving the room, do not dry clothes in the sauna or on radiators and keep flammable materials away from fire. Immediately notify the cottage owner of a broken electrical appliance or fire alarm that requires a new battery.